TCM Internship at Bnai Zion Medical Center. Bnai Zion Medical Center is located in northern Israel, in the city of Haifa, about 50 minutes from Tel Aviv. Haifa is known for its tourist attractions such as beautiful beaches, and the National Park of Mount Carmel.

Bnai Zion is the first western hospital which systematically integrated complementary medicine services for hospitalized patients with acute conditions. Our services are provided free of charge to these patients. During the four years of our activity, we have accumulated vast experience with treating patients in acute care settings who are in an extreme physical, mental and spiritual challenge.


  • The Internship program
    The Rotation at Bnai Zion will last for a period of one or two weeks, 5 days a week and about 6 hours each day. Most of the learning will be by observation at the various hospital departments where we provide treatment: Cardiology, Urology, General & Pediatric Surgery, Surgery preparation room (Holding room), and at the Post Anesthesia Care Unit.

    The teaching during the Internship will focus on the following aspects:
    Working with conventional hospital teams; understanding the structure of the health system; the role of each specialty (physicians, nurses…) in this system; communication and exchange of information between the conventional and complementary medicine staff; understanding the relevant information from patient medical files; indications and contraindications for acupuncture in the hospital setting; effective implementation of acupuncture treatments .
    Interns will observe operations in order to understand the processes that affect hospitalized patients, and their influence on Qi (Tendino-muscular meridians, the effect of drugs on Qi, etc).
    Each week there will be a lecture about topics of our specialties such as preparation for surgery, rehabilitation after hospitalization, how to work with medical staff, methods of treating common symptoms in hospitalization (pain, preventing drains, peri-operative anxiety, etc).
    The program will provide the interns with specific treatment tools from TCM for common symptoms of hospitalized patients: Characterization and treatment of the types of anxiety by "Five elements"; pain treatment by eight principles diagnosis and "Meridian balance" method; comprehensive diagnosis of the hospitalized individual by "Stems and branches"; Understanding the interactions between drugs and diagnostic tools of TCM (tongue, pulse, body diagnosis, etc).
    Emphasis will be given on the role of acupuncturists in rehabilitation after hospitalization.
    Special highlight will be provided on interdisciplinary complementary medicine treatments, such as integrating acupuncture with guided Imagery, hypnosis and touch therapies.
    Additional information

    The interns will not insert needles to patients; however they will have full clinical discussions before and after treatment.
    Third party insurance is provided under responsibility of the hospital.
    The main language of the program will be English. The staff can also offer explanations in French, Russian, Spanish, and Flemish.
    During the program there will be an organized day tour around the city of Haifa which be led by the staff. There will be an Opportunity to visit unique Chinese medicine and integrative oncology practices in Haifa. There will also be an optional half day tour in "Bara" company which specializes in preparation of Chinese formulas.
    The Participants will receive guidance and help finding a residence in Haifa during their rotation. The range of prices for bed & breakfast hotels across Haifa is from 40€ to 80€. Lunch will be provided in the hospital with a discount.
    Tuition fee
    300 € per internship week. For each additional day (if requested) the charge will be 125€. The payment covers only the internship, other expenses like residence, meals etc. are not included.
    Registration fee:60 Euro
    Neta Dan Email:
    Telephone: +972- 50-8556207